We have been importing cars from Japan for a few years now and have built up a great network of trusted partners in Japan who can help make your dream car a reality! We can purchase cars either via many of dealer networks our through auction the process is very much the same.

We have a large number of cars in stock at all times unlike many of our competitors! This should give you confidence you are dealing with a professional company with significant financial backing not some fly by night importer operating from their bedroom!

We have many years experience building, drifting and importing all manner of Japanese cars and will utilize our expertise in choosing cars and advising you on what cars to avoid.

Step 1

Let us know exactly what you are after and what sort of budget you have, we can then advise if it will be possible to obtain a vehicle within your budget.

Step 2

Place a £500 refundable deposit with us and we will begin the hunt for your vehicle.

Step 3

Once we have found suitable vehicles we will send you pictures along with a translated auction sheet or spec sheet from the dealer. An auction sheet will grade the cars condition from grade R through to grade 6, note any defects and gives an insight into the modifications done to the car.

Step 4

If you choose to go ahead with bidding on a vehicle we require 50% of your maximum bid as a deposit (refunded if the car is not won) and the remaining balance paid once the vehicle has reached our agent in Japan who will provide more photos of the vehicle.

If purchasing a vehicle from a dealer we would require all of the money up front.

Step 5

Our agent will arrange to have your car loaded onto the boat to start its journey to you, which can take anywhere from 6-10 weeks. Upon arrival in the UK we deal with all the paperwork required to release the vehicle from the docks and pay the VAT, import duty and agent fees, allowing you to collect the vehicle from the docks! (we can collect the vehicle for you at additional cost)

Step 6

If required, we can MOT and register the car for you at additional cost, this depends on the condition of the car and what it needs to pass the mot.