1986,Toyota Corolla, AE86, Levin, 4AGZE, Supercharged,CRAZY SPEC, RX7 Gearbox

Price £12,000

For sale is my own personal, 1986 Toyota Corolla Levin fitted with a supercharged 4AGZE engine from an mr2!!

I bought the car a year ago from the owner of the corolla brotherhood who imported it into the country the year previously so it was a hand picked and well maintained car from someone who knows about 86s.

Since getting the car I have changed the engine oil to millers nanodrive, new gearbox oil, new diff oil, a brand new Toyota prop bearing at a cost of £180, fitted new genuine aero catches as the old ones had broken due to age and a few bits of general maintenance. I recently used the car at the stl drift event at driftland and it was faultless driving an hour and a half their and back and drifting all day.

No rust underneath the chassis is super clean!

The 4agze in this car is the more desirable later variant with the map sensor and coil packs instead of a dizzy, these engines are incredible and have forged pistons from the factory!! These later engines produce 165bhp and 155 ft/lbs of torque in stock form but I would estimate this to be nearer 180-190bhp due to the engine modifications.

Ive owned 7 ae86s and currently have 5 of varying power and spec including a d1gp car, trust me when I say this is a special car! I have never seen another 4agze swapped car for sale in the uk nevermind in person and never seen one anywhere near this spec. Even in japan ive only seen a handful of these ever for sale in the last three years!

If you are after a pristine ae86 to win concourse shows with this isn’t the car for you (underneath is mint) but if you want a track/drift or b road monster this is the car for you. Despite being so highly modified it drives perfectly on the road, the twin plate is super easy to use ive driven it in rush hour traffic with no issues and the pedal is as light as a stock clutch. The sound system is pretty good, its got torque down low thanks to the charger, not to bad on fuel and the gearbox has longer ratios than a t50 so your only doing around 3k at 70mph, the exhaust isn’t droney or crazy loud, the only loud part is the diff and the road noise due to no rear interior!

The car also comes with a spare gearbox although I cant imagine you would ever need it as these take a lot more power than this is running.

Was used as a drift car in Japan, so paint ideally needs a refresh if you want a super clean show car but still looks nice and didnt bother me

Bad bits:

-Rust on NSR arch this needs cutting out and fixing although it is still pretty solid

-Diff is incredibly tight, almost welded. At high speed there is diff chatter on overrun.

-Paintwork is not the best It was used as a drift car in Japan so has the odd dent/scrape, but still looks good and gets photos/compliments every time its out.

There is probably, even more, spec than listed below, there is so much done to this car its incredible I notice new parts on it every time I work on it and the quality of parts and work is so good! This has been a very well built car and is a complete animal to drive compared to an n/a 16 or 20v it is very similar speed to an f20c swapped 86 with none of the handling drawbacks from doing this swap or the guilt from taking out the 4age ????

Detailed Spec

  • AE101 4AGZE Supercharged engine conversion very well done 165 bhp in stock form
  • Uprated cams (unknown duration/lift)
  • Front mount intercooler
  • Massive oil cooler
  • Aluminum radiator with electric fans, one on all the time the other can be activated with a switch
  • Oil filter relocation kit
  • RSR exhaust very rare
  • TRD style manifold
  • TRD engine mounts
  • Ecu relocated inside car with remapped chip
  • Field sfc boxer series 2 fuel controller
  • Omex rev limiter set to 7400rpm
  • Intake pipe wrapped in gold foil
  • Induction kit with custom piping
  • Power enterprise Kevlar timing belt
  • Custom alternator bracket
  • TBS crank pulley
  • Carbon cooling panel
  • Carbon cover at back of engine
  • Coil packs relocated to firewall
  • Uprated ignition leads
  • TRD dampers f+r, swift springs front, craftz rear
  • Cusco tubular 4 links
  • Adjustable panhard rod
  • Panhard rod brace
  • Relocated panhard rod mount for better geometry when running low and original mount position still there
  • Tec arts poly steering rack bushes
  • 2 way TRD LSD
  • Watanabe type r 15×9 front wheels
  • SSR MK2 15×9 rear wheels very rare unknown et but very aggressive
  • Toyo R1R semislicks F+R with plenty of tread really good in wet and dry
  • Front and rear strut braces
  • Rear boot floor brace
  • RX7 gearbox conversion by Hotstaff (spare gearbox included with car)
  • 3.9 final drive (3k rpm at 70mph)
  • OS Giken twin plate clutch
  • Tec arts poly gearbox bushes
  • Resprayed in a really cool grey/black paint
  • Frp bonnet with aerocatch latches (some very old stickers underneath one from a drift tournament in 1997!!)
  • HID lights
  • Oem Kouki front bumper
  • Zenki lip
  • OEM rear bumper
  • TRD spoiler
  • Redline taillights
  • Carbon headlight eyebrows
  • Carbon Scuttle panel
  • Carbon shield behind the driver side rear arch to protect the fuel tank during delams when drifting
  • Bride fixed back seat for driver with adjustable bride rail and removable head
  • Bride recliner seat (passenger) with adjustable bride rail
  • chequered floor mats
  • Sabelt driver and passengers harnesses, stock seat  belts still there and working
  • Stripped rear
  • 6 point cusco cage fully padded
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Trd gearknob
  • Carbon fuel pump cover
  • Carbon cill covers
  • Uk headunit with usb and aux in
  • Uprated door and dash speakers with tweeters on dash
  • Custom dash with omori rev counter, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, oem fuel guage, all oem lights such as indicators, check engine etc! Really cool!! Has no trip computer or odometer.
  • Apexi El boost guage
  • Some very old and cool drifty stickers from japan
  • Drift button on handbrake