Price £8,000

For sale is a very special toyota altezza rs200 z edition, this car was originally owned by a member of staff at toyota who done a lot of modifications to the car and had it from new. It was then sold on to Adam Zillin the owner of 7Tune who got the famous Smokey Nagata of Top Secret to do work on the car and then it came from Japan to myself as my own daily driver! The car has been featured all over the internet and was a front cover magazine car (copy included)!

This thing is a cornering monster, fitted with trd anti roll bars, mega expensive ohlins suspension with custom rate springs, countless chassis braces, massive trd monoblock brakes, trd 1.5 way diff and super grippy bridgestone RE-71R tyres on bronze rays te37s. I also had the rear subframe modified to TRD spec which moves the mounting pick up points for the toe arms to reduce rear bump steer and fitted ikeya formula rear camber arms as they use bushes rather than rose joints as this was a road car.

The brakes on this thing are nothing short of phenomenal the trd brake kit was made for this car and includes braided lines the uprated calipers discs and pads up front and 305mm slit rear brake rotors and upgraded pads, this kit costs £3000 on its own!

The engine is mildly modified running an apexi 4-2-1 manifold, trd sports cat, trd exhaust, HKS intake, blitz racing plugs and a remap by Smokey Nagata the owner of Top Secret on an apexi power fc. The car makes 202bhp@7800rpm at the WHEELS not flywheel and 147 ft lbs of torque at the wheels @5300rpm so it is a good bit quicker than a regular altezza.

If your after one of the best altezzas in the world this is the one.

Detailed Spec

  • Top Secret tuned 2 liter 3S-GE BEAMS with dual VVTi
  • Power 202hp wheel horsepower @ 7800rpm Torque  147 ftlbs at the wheels @ 5300rpm
  • Apexi power fc with hand commander mapped by Smokey Nagata
  • Apexi 4-2-1 Exhaust manifold
  • TRD centre sports cat
  • TRD High response exhaust Ver.S
  • HKS Racing Suction intake assembly
  • Top Secret R40 engine oil
  • Trust Oil filter
  • RH9 radiator fluid
  • TRD Radiator cap
  • TRD Oil cap
  • Ohlins PCV 30 step adjustable
  • Eibach Springs – 8kg’s all round
  • Top Secret Tsukuba geometry settings
  • trd front and rear arbs
  • Cusco front under chassis brace
  • Tom’s front side chassis brace
  • Cusco Front strut brace
  • TRD rear strut brace
  • TRD spec rear subframe
  • Cusco trunk brace
  • TRD front main chassis brace
  • TRD rear main chassis brace
  • Brakes
  • TRD Monoblock front calipers
  • TRD Monoblock race pads
  • TRD 325mm front slit and ventilated rotors
  • TRD 305mm rear slit rotors
  • TRD braided brake lines
  • TOM’S  sports rear braack Pads
  • Endless brake fluid
  • Wheels and Tires
  • 17 x 7.5 Rays Volk TE37 Bronze
  • Bridgestone RE-71R 2015 model tires
  • 215/45/17 front and 225/45/17 rear
  • 6 speed manual
  • ATS carbon clutch
  • TRD pressure plate
  • TRD lightened flywheel
  • TRD 1.5 way mechanical differential
  • TRD  4.556 final drive
  • Trust Transmission oil 75W-140
  • Trust Differential oil 80W-190
  • TRD Quick Shift Kit
  • Colour Super White II
  • BN sports wider front arches
  • HIC roof spoiler
  • TRD Neo I Front Bumper
  • TRD Sports Mesh Grill
  • Toyota Elegance side skirts
  • TRD rear bumper skirt
  • D-Speed falcon  Carbon bonnet
  • Aerocatch bonnet pins
  • TRD Rear light covers
  • Oem modellista black Headlights
  • PIAA HID headlights
  • Recaro SR3 bucket seats on recaro rails
  • TRD shift knob
  • HKB steering boss
  • Nardi red stitch Deep Corn wheel
  • HTC card reader