Price £18,000

Here we have the legendary winds auto d1gp ae86 levin piloted by Kimihiro Obata, this car has been in the drift scene in japan for a long time it features in some of the first ever drift tengoku videos back when it was a different colour, its been to America to compete and competed in the D1GP in japan.

If you are looking for an unbelievable spec ae86 with a huge amount of heritage in the drift world look no further, this really is a very rare opportunity to own a drifting legend! We bought this car directly from Kimihiro the owner of Winds Auto and even got him to sign the dash!
This car has many custom modification and contains many years of refinement and improvements it really is awesome to look at and notice cool little modifications! Kimihiro was sponsored by cusco so this car has the entire catalogue of parts thrown at it, amongst many many rare parts such as the itb kit or near unobtainable wheels.
As you would expect this is not a pristine concourse ae86 this is a high level competition drift car used at the highest level so has various marks on it and signs of ageing but the chassis is very clean with no rust and despite being drifted for around 20 years it hass never had an accident only minor taps and marks on the body.

Your chance to own a piece of d1 history and an iconic ae86!

Detailed Spec

  • Fully built competition spec 4age recently rebuilt, claimed 200bhp+
  • ae92 late model 4age block
  • custom ported head
  • toda 288 intake and exhaust cams
  • toda valves
  • toda valvesprings
  • toda b16 forged pistons
  • ae111 conrods
  • trd headgasket
  • sk sayno itb kit
  • aftermarket ecu
  • 380cc injectors 3sge
  • hand made exhaust manifold by Kimihiro
  • full exhaust system
  • yashio factory radiator
  • oil cooler
  • cusco oil catch can
  • electric fan conversion
  • fully stitch welded chassis
  • gtv knuckles
  • extended handbrake lever
  • upgraded discs and pads
  • braided brake lines
  • cusco arms front and rear
  • many reinforcement parts on the car
  • front and rear strut brace
  • cusco front and rear arbs
  • cusco lsd
  • cusco clutch
  • lightweight flywheel
  • 5 speed full cross mission box with custom gear ratios
  • trd short shifter
  • shorter final drive
  • winds auto mirrors
  • frp hood ¬†winds auto
  • full winds auto bodykit
  • winds auto front arches
  • winds auto rear arches
  • J blood carbon fiber doors
  • plexi windows
  • rays gram lights
  • Fully stripped out
  • Guages
  • Nardi wheel (well used but been in the car for years and years so seen as good luck)
  • Bucket seats
  • One off cusco cage made just for this car